My Place

T'was in a city where I was born, but there I never found a home.
My heart had known before my past, that in a city I would not last.
Could it be these feet of mine, would find the sand the place they'd pine?
Alas the beach was not the place, for that my forlorn heart would race.
Canopy of trees, shines filtered sun, a breathe of honeysuckle where I run,
T'was a hoosier I'm meant to be, with clay soil beneath my feet.
Just one acre, my little woods. But this place does suit me good.
And here I'll be a hoosier best, and live my life til time to rest.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Uncle Mac

My Uncle Mac passed away this morning.

 He was special to me. 

Uncle Mac, Cousin Steve, Aunt Faye

When I was young I used to sit on his foot, and hold onto his leg and he would walk around the room and zoom me in the air. He had this rough exterior...but you knew inside he was as sweet as molasses.

 I loved his laugh. 

He was one person that never put me down about my religious beliefs or thought ill of me. We actually talked pretty deeply about the Lord. I was able to share some books with him. He is the only one of my relatives (not talking about my husbands side of the family or our children) that I have really been able to talk about the deeper things of God with. I can just picture him up in heaven, finding the answer to all the questions he pondered. 

I bet he is bouncing our little baby on his foot...zooming around the corridors of heaven. 

Heaven just got a little more beautiful today
and has given me more to look forward to in eternity. 


Michelle said...

What a blessed hope we have; life would be so bleak without it.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful image of him meeting up with your little one, my thoughts and prayers are with you.