My Place

T'was in a city where I was born, but there I never found a home.
My heart had known before my past, that in a city I would not last.
Could it be these feet of mine, would find the sand the place they'd pine?
Alas the beach was not the place, for that my forlorn heart would race.
Canopy of trees, shines filtered sun, a breathe of honeysuckle where I run,
T'was a hoosier I'm meant to be, with clay soil beneath my feet.
Just one acre, my little woods. But this place does suit me good.
And here I'll be a hoosier best, and live my life til time to rest.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April for me is...

Take the dog to the vet month. We schedule it this way because we get all the vaccines up to date for 4H. Now we are all set for dog obedience training and agility. :) Gigi is being quiet though for the evening.
My pocket book is a tad bit lighter. I didn't make it out of there without spending $195 dollars!!!! That did include heart worm/flea/parasite pills for the next 6 months though. Pokey will go next month. I just can't afford both at the same time. Though...they are the same weight so parasite meds will be shared.
I am glad though to have that taken care of. Especially glad for protection from kennel cough. Spring also brings with it we have that stopped before it has a chance to get started.
Hope your spring begins well too!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcoming Our New Angora Doe

Introducing you to Calla Lili our new english angora doe born 12/12/2012. So glad that Jody from Something's Jumpin Rabbits, passed her our way!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More beauty

If you have ever lived away from home, with longing in your heart to go will understand how I feel.
I think of the Israelites held in captivity. Though... I know I am not in any close relation to their suffering. But...I understand feeling like your in a foreign land. Where we live right now, is the projects. Prostitutes openly making their offerings, drug dealers talking openly on the street of their complaints because they are just the middle man and not making as much money as the big dealers.... yes even druggies have job related complaints! lol Oh the way children are talked to by the parents...or parents boy friend, then the way the children talk and behave... It's a whole different world here, than our peaceful acre in Jeffersonville.
It reminds me of the scripture
 Ezekiel 1:1-3

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.
We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.
For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion.
How shall we sing the LORD'S song in a strange land?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty in the dark days of life

We can't always stop the gloom, grind, and grundge of life. I think that is why crafting is so important to me. I believe everyone should have a way to bring joy into their life, during the dark days. They come, for some way to often.  I can always bring a little pleasure into  a very dark day, by  twisting a few tufts of wool, using a hook or 2 hooks, caring for an angora, sharing a craft with someone... If I lack the energy for even that, I can browse patterns until inspiration hits again.
To take crafting a step further, I pray for the person I am making something for. To me, it becomes a ministry.
How about yours? If your facing some darkness, God has given you an ability to create some beauty in it, some joy. It could be sports, music, wood working, when ever I find something interesting... I go for it. This is where I find my little bit of joy, my ministry.
Here is some of the beauty in my world...

And if life gets real tough....
Just get plumb wild with it!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The New to me Wheel

I thought you might like to see the wheel hubby purchased at the flea market. Lots of pics for you, as I cleaned her up, and blinged her up. I came up with this idea for blinging because I didn't want to make permanent changes to the actual wheel. All the bling comes off very simply. I can change and decorate for the holidays with different bling if I so choose. I did try doing this to my traditional on the spokes of the wheel. That didn't work out to well, because no matter how tight you get the wires they will still move a little. I was afraid of damage to the wood, besides the noise of them moving being highly irritating to me. So, if you are thinking of doing the same to your wheel keep that in mind. I suppose you could glue them in place, but then again I wanted to do this to be able to change the bling when ever I felt, or with the holidays.

I named her "Hazel" after a friends mother. I never met the real Hazel but felt as if I had known her from all the wonderful stories that Linda (Nelsa) on ravelry shared with me. Her mother had a love for crafts, and kept every little tid bit  of a craft item and counting things precious. The saying, making lemons out of lemonade...well...I think that describes her ability to take the mundane things of life, and create an oasis. May my wheel "Hazel" live up to her name.

Here she is after cleaning with mineral spirits. She was pretty dirty. She needed the piece for the footman to connect to the treadel. She also is double drive, and only one of the bobbins that came with her are double drive. The ones on the lazy kate section are single drive. The peg in her I borrowed from my Traditional to try her out for the scotch tension, that has since been placed back on the traditional. She didn't come with one, so I need to order that, or make one. She had some white paint scratch marks on her, I imagine from bumping into walls. I sanded those out. She also has a screw missing on the front of the board that is the treadel that holds it to the frame. Hubby thinks it was stripped, so will need to fill that whole and screw another in nearby to make it fully secure. 

This is after being waxed and rubbed down. I can tell I need to rub that wax in a little bit better on the wheel part. Then I blinged her up. Close ups to follow. 

The wire is a smoky kind of deep purple, with purple pink beads attached. I did not glue the beads on the wire, in case I want to change beads later and reuse the wire. I found that I had to be careful to not use to big of  beads and keep it simple. Just a few beads looked way better than the first designs I came up with. 

I love the little heart at the top made out of the wire, with the little natural "knot" in the wood peaking through the center loop of the heart. My favorite beads of mine are the pink heart ones. So fitting I should find a prominent place to dispaly them. I was also able to repeat the same beading on the opposite side of the wheel. The the footman does cross over it in spinning, so not nearly as beautiful. I did not decorate the footman. I was afraid of it weighting it, or moving so much  the wire might rub and cause scratches on it.

OK the last pic. Doesn't she just glisten?! I was amazed at how she has cleaned up. I wish I would have taken a picture before I even started. She needed everything oiled and she really soaked it up. Then she spun without so much as a tiny squeak. Smooth as silk. It was a risk buying her, because a person just never knows if  all the little kinks can be worked out. But we are very blessed that she has turned out to be such a beauty of a wheel. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

I never thought this day would come

This wheel is now sold.
I planned to keep my traditional spinning wheel, forever...well at least until my daughter inherited it. But then, hubby purchased at a flea market an Ashford traveller. But...he bought it to resell. He wouldn't bring it in the house! He knows how I am. He has seen my yarn stash grow, then I started scrapbooking and he saw that stash grow. Then I started spinning and he saw that stash grow. Then I wanted to make stitch markers and that stash grew. He does not understand stashes. He doesn't want to either. So...he wouldn't let me begin a wheel stash. Sigh... I should have started stashing with wheels first. Now I know...

But money has been tight, and I said...just bring the traveller in. I will clean it up for you. It needed a few minor things, like the piece for the footman, and oil, and a good clean up. I told him it would sell quickly, no worries. But as I cleaned I started to admire it more and more. I tried it out, to make sure all was in working order. As I rubbed that wax into it's thirsty wood, I said to know I really admire this wheel. It sure is pretty. I do hope some one gets it that will really enjoy and appreciate it. The more I rubbed the worse I got. Til I found myself, wishing I had not fixed it up for him to resell. Thinking I should have let him just sell it as is, but...I knew the person buying it would appreciate my efforts. Back to rubbing...then hubby peaks around the corner and he recognizes that look in my eye... He softly and sweetly says, iiiiiiiiffff you would like to keep this wheel, that is fine. My heart started beating faster and then I heard him continue to talk...oh why must he continue to talk? It was wonderful to just leave it right there, but noooo he had to say more. This is where the word "But" comes in...not a good word most of the time. 
He says, but you will need to sell the ashford traditional. 
Sigh....I do understand. No more room for more stashes and we need the money. That's why I started cleaning this wheel. So I did some research, wondered if I could ever live with out my ashford traditional, debated which wheel to keep, stayed awake til 3AM deciding...
Mainly due to wanting to take a wheel with me to places, I decided to keep the traveller. So I am parting with my traditional. I hope I do not regret it later. So....if your interested in a wonderful wheel and will lovingly cherish her I have one for sale. The day I thought would never come, is here. I am selling my ashford traditional wheel. I then rubbed her down,oiled her up, gave her a new leather piece for the footman, tied a new orifice hook to her upright,  new springs for the scotch tension and posted her on Craigslist. It's funny that I had become so attached to her. I know it is just wood...but it's different with wheels. 
If you think you would love having her to spin on, I am asking xxxxxxx and would prefer local pick up only at this time. Here are some pics of her. 3 bobbins total included and some merino wool to get you started. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Opening Etsy

To celebrate the reopening of  Angora Amora Etsy Store I am giving  friends that visit this blog a 10% coupon code. Just put Blogfun, in the coupon spot when you check out. I will add more items shortly.  Currently listed is merino, silk, bamboo and metallic fibers. Soon to be listed angora and camel down
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you ever wonder what they would wish for?

Fibery Friends

Fibery friend,
what would though ask of me
If the Lord of all
 would grant to thee,
A moment of time
 for thee to tell,
 what  thou  would wish,
 oh wish it well…
Is thy bed cozy,
 a shelter for thee?
The timothy hay,
a choice you’d keep?
The heated bottle,
too hot?  Do tell?
Oh speak thy wish
 and wish it well.
I feel thy nose,
  Press  up my hand.
Lean gently in,
 I understand…
How sweet of thee,
 to ask thy wish
A gentle nuzzle,
 a little sniff.
I see thy wish
  the same as mine,
A comforting friend
 in a moment of time,
And what a gift,
Our Lord is giving
You spoke it well,
What a life we're living
My  fibery  friend

Rebecca Gould

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Old Fashioned Dishcloth

I have been wanting to make my kitchen look more homey and adorable. I don't have a ton of money, or a tone of time. So...cute little dishcloths have been the main event lately. I thought this one was so cute, I wanted to share it with you. At first I thought I would be disappointed in it. But...the instructions in at the end tell you to steam it...that makes the difference! You can find the pattern at Lily Cotton yarn It really is a good place to look for wonderful free cute dishcloth patterns. Oh...the pattern is called Christmas Pudding Dishcloth. I changed the colors to match my kitchen. Thanks for visiting. I do read your comments. I enjoy hearing from you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Warm feet!

I love love love my felted slippers. If you want to make the same pattern you can find it on ravelry here fuzzy feet
I did spin the fiber to make the yarn, to felt the slippers, to keep the feet warm... in my little acre of the woods. :) My darling english angora rabbits contributed to these wonderful slippers that are very very very soft. No harm to the rabbits, my english angora's release their wool about every 3 months. I can tell when it is starting to loosen, and start pulling the wool off. It comes off very easily, and most of the time they have new wool growing in a bit.
One note about the slippers in making took a long time for them to dry. I think because of the angora, and how thick they are. But very much worth the wait. Just luck would have it, and it has been rainy here and hard to get them to dry. I also was silly enough to use my expensive wooden sock blockers...all to have them warp from the moisture and drying out. The picture didn't turn out so well. It looks like they are really large at the toe, but because I was trying to get them to stand up for the picture, I stuffed some socks in they are stuffed a bit to much! lol Oh well....
But here they are:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Or G.G. meaning Gods gift. I couldn't resist showing you her picture all prettied up.
We should be starting 4H dog training back up real soon. Never ever give up. So many things to look forward to with the coming of Spring. So what's your soon to be project for spring.What are you looking forward to?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wondering if this will work...this is a test, do not seek shelter

I wanted to use a digital scrapbooking program, so I could post beautiful pictures on my blog. I have searched for some time, but none of the scrapbooking programs flat out said you could post it to your blog. it goes. I am trying it out. My first digital scrapbook page. :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Uncle Mac

My Uncle Mac passed away this morning.

 He was special to me. 

Uncle Mac, Cousin Steve, Aunt Faye

When I was young I used to sit on his foot, and hold onto his leg and he would walk around the room and zoom me in the air. He had this rough exterior...but you knew inside he was as sweet as molasses.

 I loved his laugh. 

He was one person that never put me down about my religious beliefs or thought ill of me. We actually talked pretty deeply about the Lord. I was able to share some books with him. He is the only one of my relatives (not talking about my husbands side of the family or our children) that I have really been able to talk about the deeper things of God with. I can just picture him up in heaven, finding the answer to all the questions he pondered. 

I bet he is bouncing our little baby on his foot...zooming around the corridors of heaven. 

Heaven just got a little more beautiful today
and has given me more to look forward to in eternity. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Eyes ah Becky

My Aunt Pauline had a nick name she gave me.... Big eyes ah Becky. That was because every time we sat down for dinner, I always looked in awe at all the yummys and would put heaping amounts on my plate. She told me my eyes were always bigger than my stomach. lol  What fond memories of my childhood days, when I lived with my Aunt. She was so precious. She must still chuckle over the banister of heaven peaking down at me. I'm still Big eyes Ahhh Becky. But with lots more than food. With everything I see and everything I want to do.
When it comes to crafts....I always take more to do than what my hands can possibly manage. When it comes to devotion to God...I try to do way more for Him than I can accomplish, blessidly He knows this, and often tells me, My yoke is easy... And of course in my 30 days of commitments for 30 days. You knew that though, didn't you?! It is a dilemma I am surely guilty of...always trying to do and be more than I can possibly manage. But.... I am not so sure that is such a bad thing. Because I often do make changes that are for the better, though not nearly as perfect as I hoped. Being totally upfront and honest, I did not accomplish even one of my 30 commitments for 30 days. But....I did do better than I was doing, on most of all of them.
My biggest disappointment, is my church attendance has been nilche. Partly because of dealing with medical issues, and the meds I was on it states to stay away from anyone sick, because your highly susceptible. So...I do forgive myself for that. Just Satan sure can have a hayday with me, cuz truth be told I enjoy being home best. Is that awful to admit, I really would rather be home then attend church? I attend church because it is the right thing to do, because I know it is good for my soul and it pleases the Lord. But I am most comfortable at home. I enjoy talking to the Lord just me and him, I enjoy singing at home, I enjoy my own company and my families. I don't enjoy large crowds, I don't enjoy getting dressed up. Welll enough of that.
Back to my 30 days. I will post a pic of my hula you can see the end of 30 days of that. But, I did not practice every day, and I did not do sooooo many minutes of it. I just picked up my hoop as often as I had a moment, and gave it a whirl. Sooooo that is coming up as soon as I can get hubby to record it for me!
Sooooo do you have Big Eyes?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Silly Hubby

My hubby is a darling really. He is so sweet. He was looking at my knitting while I worked, with this quizzical look on his face. I could tell he was really struggling. Then finally, he comes out with it. Honey? Don't you think that is a bit big for a sock?

I should have soooo played this up. But...I didn't. Yup honey it is a bit big for a sock, because it is a fuzzy slipper. Pattern here fuzzy feet from Ravelry. It is supposed to be big, because you wash it and felt it, then it shrinks to magically fit your feet.

A wonderful look of relief comes over his face....He really does love me. He knew how long I had worked to pluck the wool off our bunny, dye the fiber, blend the fibers, spin the fibers, knit the yarn and all to come up with this huge sock!
I'll update when I have felted the slippers. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Cute Idea

We were discussing on ravlery, in our Sisters Crocheted and Knitted in Christ Group SCKC, how to keep track of where we are in a pattern. The wonderful idea of blue tape, is working absolutely wonderful for me. So much better than post it notes, marking on my paper, or even the magnetic boards.
But I also wanted a better way to view my pattern. I thought to glue the copy to a piece of cardboard. Then I thought, card board is so ugly... I should first glue a piece of scrapbook paper...well I went on from there in all my creativity to come up with this pink beauty. Then I made one for my daughter. Then we talked about making several as a keepsake of my favorite patterns for her to have. So, I shall begin another craft adventure. Thought I would share our idea with you. Perhaps you have someone that would love to have beautiful copies of your treasured patterns. Just as side note...I did not create the pattern listed on mine. It is the pattern Half a Dozen Hearts, 6 inch block that you can find here halfknits 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Jeffersonville Home

(this picture is a bit old, the vinyl is finished, I'll try to update soon)
 I feel so blessed to have so many care about our housing situation. We have wanted to go "home" for so long.
As many of you know, when we started our remodeling project. Calvin and I where both working. We had 2 children at home, well...teens at the time. We moved out of the house to make the repairs as this was to be a major overhaul. We planned to stay in Charlestown for 3 months. 
Then our world turned upside down, inside out and just threw us for a loop. From my sisters illness and then her death, losing a baby, hospitalizations for Calvin, 3 surgeries for me, foster parenting our great nephews , then adopting...we had to change our plans over and over. To care for our boys and their special needs, I left the work place. Then the bottom fell out of Calvin's hardwood flooring business. It has just been a wild ride. I am amazed at how we have made it through. I know the Lord has kept us. The people that have reached out to us has been truly amazing. I am in awe at the compassion others have had. From praying with us, to giving gifts to the boys, providing a car so I could visit my father in the hospital, to sharing informational resources, and a shoulder to cry on...
I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart!

I thought I would share our progress on savings. To get into our home, we need to finish the electrical work, plumbing, heating and have the bathroom walls and walls for our bedrooms. We are just trying to get enough done to pass inspection for being able to live in the home. 

Thank you once again for your continued prayers and encouragement! The Lord has truly blessed me with the most awesome people to call "my friend".

I would  like to thank R.M. for your donation. What a blessing you are!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Word for the Year


I’m reaping the harvest God promised me 
Take back what the devil stole from me 
And I rejoice today, for I shall
recover it all. 
By Hezekiah Walker (Faithful is our God) the way


A loss of 13 pounds so far!

Beginning of my Mini Hula Hoop Adventure

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

30 Commitments for 30 Days

The title really says it all. I am picking 30 things I want to be doing every day, and committing myself for the next 30 days to make sure they happen. I hope to add some pics and videos to make this a bit more interesting. But...I am going to be very busy for the next 30 more doing than blogging about what I want to do ;)
1. God first always right? A bible study from the book The Tree of Confidence. I have the work book to go along with it.
2. Memorize Scripture. Since I am studying the tree of Confidence I will pick scriptures from this book as I go along in the study. I am not so good at memorization, so I don't intend to try to pull off 30 scriptures in 30 days. I just intend to work on memorization for 30 days. :) Lets be a little realistic shall we!
3. OK...this one is something I want to do, should have been doing all along, used to do when my older kids were growing up, and have no idea why I stopped. Yet I know for some reason it will be hard to commit to. I have got to where I don't like to do this, and I really don't understand myself. I just tell myself that's not the real me... the true Christ in me wants do it. Attend Wed, Friday, Sunday services and 1 prayer meeting every week.
4. Getting up early. 5 a.m. Why 5 a.m. Cuz....that's the number that came to mind. I am not a morning person,and if it is 6 am 7am it isn't going to matter, it's still going to be hard to get up and stay up.So, lets try 5 am for 30 days. But...on day 31 I am sleeping in I tell you. ;)
5. Write a letter. I used to write letterse all the time. It was something I truly enjoyed and I have gotten away from that. Time to get back to it. Yes 1 letter every day for the next 30 days. I can do it. :)
6. Feed the pets in the morning. I usually wait until the evening to feed all the animals.It will be better for everyone if I do this chore early in the morning.
7. Oh...almost forgot already, take my vitamins.
8.Only kennel Gigi at night or when we are gone.  Sigh....this will be hard. She gets into stuff pretty badly so it has been easy to just kennel her to keep her in line. So...that has got to stop sometime. I think this will be the one that drives me nuts, and I will be tempted to not complete for the full 30 days. But I must be strong and do it. Time for Gigi to get her manners on. I may keep her on a leash near me though if she gets to out of hand...
9. Make Big guy wear his glasses and eye patch. I don't know how I will accomplish this...he hates wearing his glasses and "loses" them all the time. I may have to duct tape them to his head...just a joke, don't go haten on me.
10. Clean something that hasn't been cleaned in a while. Yes...I know I have at least 30 things that have not been cleaned in a while in my home. Sad isn't it.
11. Exercise every day. Normally I hate that word. But my exercise of choice is the hula hoop... This should be fun and yes... I'll try to get a video at the beginning and a video at the end of my efforts. Should be good for a laugh anyway.
12.Read to the boys. Big guy will loves this. Bam bam will fight this. Can't please everyone.
13. Make the boys do their piano lessons. No this doesn't count as someone else doing something. Have you ever tried to make someone do something. Much harder than doing something yourself I tell you. sense in taking lessons if they will not practice.
14. Greet my husband at the door when he comes home. No, I haven't been doing this. Won't he be pleasantly surprised.
15. A random act of kindness. It doesn't have to be a big RAOK. But something nice, unexpected for someone else every day for 30 days. I have no idea what yet...but I know it will come to me.
16 Knit (no I don't do that everyday, funny how people think if your an at home mom all you do is fun stuff every day...but for the next 30...oh yeah!)
17. Spin I don't do that everyday either. Boy, I really like this one. But you know it is hard to do stuff like this daily cuz so many must do's call your name.
18. Make my bed. Hang my head in I don't make my bed...perhaps everyonce in a while...
19. Work on Gigi jumping through a hoop. Wouldn't that just be the cutest thing!
20. Wear perfume. I haven't done that in so long....sigh...looking forward to it.
21. Not eat fast food. Wow....did I actually put that on the list!
22. Sweep the kitchen floor.
23. Vacuum the living room floor. (boy my house is going to look nice)
24. Brush Pokey...not because her fur needs it, but because her lonely heart does.
25. Go out side for at least 15 minutes solid. I tend to stay indoors as much as possible during winter.
26. Ask Calvin if there is anything he needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone offer to do something for you every day for 30 days... I think he will like this one.
27. Drink that water...8 8oz ever day. Ugh
28. Sing the lullabye to the boys at night. I have gotten out of this since I had a respitory thing going on. Time to get back to it, even if I sound like a frog...or have to whisper/sing.
29. Clean the I haven't been doing this everyday. Shouldn't everyone.
30. Last but not least in any sense, just making sure I end my 30 the right way. Thank the Lord for this day. It's a gift from Him. Lets not waste it.