My Place

T'was in a city where I was born, but there I never found a home.
My heart had known before my past, that in a city I would not last.
Could it be these feet of mine, would find the sand the place they'd pine?
Alas the beach was not the place, for that my forlorn heart would race.
Canopy of trees, shines filtered sun, a breathe of honeysuckle where I run,
T'was a hoosier I'm meant to be, with clay soil beneath my feet.
Just one acre, my little woods. But this place does suit me good.
And here I'll be a hoosier best, and live my life til time to rest.


Home Schooling

This summer June 2012 begins our home school adventure. We are trying it out for the summer. Big guy is struggling in public school, Bam bam's IEP meeting was a flop. So...we will see how this summer goes. Last year Big guy missed 32 days of school due to appointments and illness. All excused, but incredibly difficult to get an education missing so much. This is another reason for us to go all year long. However, the load will be light for the summer. Monday thru Thursday for 1/2 day we will work on studies. Mainly it will be to get our selves used to homeschooling, familiarize with the curriculum and see if behavior is going to be a major battle. The boys love routine and my attention, so I think things will go well. We'll see, said the blind man. :)
School of Tomorrow, is where I purchased our homeschool studies from. There are cheaper programs, but I am familiar with this program and love the colorful workbooks.
I will post pics as time allows. Right now...we are turning their play room into a 1 room school house!

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